Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lynnell Loves: Summer Skirts

Forever 21 . . . why do you taunt me so? Why do you make adorable skirts that would barely cover my bum? Why do you think ANYONE (especially 14 year olds) should wear skirts that barely cover their bum? You think we aren't willing to pay a whopping extra 5 to 10 bucks for a few more inches (although they sell a few longer skirts and plus size skirts at pretty much the same price points)? Wake up Forever.

Here are a couple skirts I WISH they had made longer. 
Scalloped Eyelet Skirt

Marina Mini Skirt (I'd snip that ugly chain)
Speaking of skirts, I noticed that Anthropologie added some new outfits to their site, one of which had been rolling around in my head already. I have similar pieces to the ones that are in the "Blue Cove" look from the new  "Aquatic" collection. Problem is, I have been trying to find the right skirt. I want it to have some pink in it to go with my Coach Parker bag. Here are the items I have (or very similar) and the Blue Cove outfit (on the right) posted on Anthro's site today.

 Here are a few skirts I've been considering. 
From JCrew: Watercolor Potpouri Mini $49.99 (on sale but could use a % off) 
Would go great with the Parker bag.
From Forever 21:
Lush Blotted Skirt  $19.80
I tried this on in the store and liked the artsy print, and that it had the pink in it, 
but wasn't a big fan of the elastic waist. 
Summer Garden Satin Skirt $19.80
I wonder if this will make me look like I'm 12. It doesn't look like a true Satin in the photo which would be good.  
Seriously over priced skirts from Anthropologie (would have to play the sale waiting game):
Royal Poinciana Skirt $78
I wonder if I'll get bored with it after a season and then wish I hadn't paid so much.
Even on sale this would be $40
It's Your Move Skirt $98
Also might make me look like I'm 12 but it is so sweet. 
And finally from Urban Outfitters: Kimchi Blue Sunset Stripe Skirt $48
 This might even be close to the same shade of chambray my shirt is, if it isn't though it could look like I was trying to match it but didn't quite make it.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

J Crew New Arrival Picks

JCrew posted new arrivals today. These are the items that looked interesting to me. 

Alice Ruffle Tank - I like that the ruffle isn't ginormous like the Gypsy Rose Cami.
Ribbon Cut-Wave Dress - not sure if I could pull it off but it is cute, especially belted.

Studded Tunic - I love anything with roll tab sleeves if they are big enough to fit my arms.
Lace Panel Camisole - If money were not an object. I think this would be pretty paired with something more masculine, like a military jacket or camo-skirt.

Rose Vines Blazer - Could be cute paired with a plain sun-dress. If it fit right.
Lastly, the Mirelle Tote - Pretty but I wonder if the leather is soft. I like to bargain shop for my leather bags as I love good leather but usually can't afford them. I have my eye on the Coach Parker Shoulder bag in lilac or pink pearl I saw at the outlet a while back. Watching some on ebay.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Anthropologie: Openwork Vines Skirt IRL Review

I love this skirt, but I don't know what top to wear it with. The skirt falls nicely and has a bit of a flare at the bottom (more so than pictured) and the scallops are pretty. I am not sure about the tie at the waist as I tend to wear shirts out vs. tucked in since I'm petite. The skirt fits true to size. I tried it on with a few tops (the Friendly Competition Top, a chambray tunic top that is on sale and no longer online, and the Bright Side Blouse). Which one looks the best? For one, I prefer to have sleeves, second, I need a woven top and not a knit top that shows every roll. So you see the dilemma. I would like the Bright Side top if the sleeves were longer and the tie didn't compete with the tie of the skirt. I like the chambray but there are puffed sleeves and it is really long. I'd probably like it with the chambray perfect shirt at JCrew or Old Navy chambray boyfriend shirt better. The Friendly Competition top is sweet, feminine, a little bohemian, but not sure I want to bare that much arm. I could just forget the tie and wear something untucked which I would plan to do when wearing this skirt more casual anyway.
Outfit Idea with a couple accessories I already own (I have the pastel version of the earrings and a similar black platform/stiletto Mary Jane pump.) Does anyone else wish that when a piece of jewelry is made that there would always be a set (ie. matching or coordinating pieces so you don't have to spend time looking elsewhere)? Same with shoes, there should always be a matching belt. In fact they could sell them in sets as far as I'm concerned. 

Left Top: JCrew Slub Cotton Perfect Shirt
Right Top: Old Navy Boyfriend Shirt
Earrings: Anthropologie Corvus Earrings
Left: Kate Space Lady Marmalade Large Ball Necklace
Middle: Kate Spade Lady Marmalade Ball Charm Necklace 
Right: Kenneth Jay Lane Disco Ball Necklace
Shoes: Baker Carsen Pumps

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Anthropologie: Rainforest Morning Dress IRL Review

I didn't think twice about this dress when I saw it online but when I went into the store, I saw it hanging and the print was so colorful and vibrant, like South Beach, and it had pretty details like wood buttons and sleeves with drawstrings so you can decide how loose they are (great for someone like me who has huge arms compared to her body and has a hard time finding sleeves that fit). It also has pockets and the waistline is elastic so it is super comfortable. Since it is a thin silk, I could see this needing a slip to fight static though I didn't experience any in the fitting room. I am a 8/10 but this worked in the size 6, probably because of the elastic waist and that I didn't want it super flared. If you are interested in this, you could probably go down at least one size. Figuring out how I can get my hands on one of these before sale . . . 

I tried this on with a couple belts but my fave was one that is not pictured above or online. It is a cream crochet stretch on the sides with a camel buckle that has some weave to the buckle. It was super comfortable and I wanted a camel to go with shoes I already own. I think the belt was $32. There were some great chocolate belts too if I'd wanted it to go with darker shoes or riding boots.
Bag I already own: Sak Silverlake Flap Bag
Shoes I already own: Aldo Dolly
Earrings: Target
Belt: Modcloth