Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Anthropologie: Rainforest Morning Dress IRL Review

I didn't think twice about this dress when I saw it online but when I went into the store, I saw it hanging and the print was so colorful and vibrant, like South Beach, and it had pretty details like wood buttons and sleeves with drawstrings so you can decide how loose they are (great for someone like me who has huge arms compared to her body and has a hard time finding sleeves that fit). It also has pockets and the waistline is elastic so it is super comfortable. Since it is a thin silk, I could see this needing a slip to fight static though I didn't experience any in the fitting room. I am a 8/10 but this worked in the size 6, probably because of the elastic waist and that I didn't want it super flared. If you are interested in this, you could probably go down at least one size. Figuring out how I can get my hands on one of these before sale . . . 

I tried this on with a couple belts but my fave was one that is not pictured above or online. It is a cream crochet stretch on the sides with a camel buckle that has some weave to the buckle. It was super comfortable and I wanted a camel to go with shoes I already own. I think the belt was $32. There were some great chocolate belts too if I'd wanted it to go with darker shoes or riding boots.
Bag I already own: Sak Silverlake Flap Bag
Shoes I already own: Aldo Dolly
Earrings: Target
Belt: Modcloth

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