Monday, August 24, 2009

Lynnell Loves Bodycology at Walmart

For those of you out there addicted to Bath and Body works products (you know you exist, you have every scent in every lotion, potion, etc, and you succumb every time you receive a coupon or hear about a promotion, only to pack your bathroom cabinets with more Bath and Body stuff . . . ) I have found a less expensive alternative. Granted, they DO have some cheap prices at Bath an Body IF you get in on the buy one get ones and $ off coupons and actually either need or will at least use your purchases. However, even on a buy three get one free deal like they always seem to run, at best each product would be $5 (if you got all lotions for instance and not the higher priced items like the scrubs, etc) after the discount. Well good old wally world has a pretty much blatant line of copycat products called Bodycology.

My Mom had gotten me a mini Bath and Body Sweet Pea lotion and good sized perfume bottle as a Birthday gift. I'm not one of those addicts (preferring to stick to designer fragrances purchased at stores like TJMAX) but I liked it and wanted to use it. I also recently ran out of shower gel and those designer gels go fast for the price so I decided to get some less expensive stuff. I was walking through that section of Walmart and saw the Bodycology line. I noticed they had similar fragrances to those at Bath and Body but with slightly different names and packaging similar to their older style. For instance the one called "Sweet Petals" with art of sweet pea flowers on the front, smelled just like BnBW's Sweet Pea. Just what I was looking for. And the bottle of the Shower Gel/Bubble Bath (yes 2 in one so even better) was a full 6 oz more than the 10 oz BnBWs bottles at only $4. Four bucks all day long. No coupons or promotions. I took it home and tested it out. I found it was a nice thick shower gel but it also performed better as a bubble bath (creating more bubbles in my non-jetted tub) than BnBWs own bubble bath (I had some BnBWs Velvet Tuberose left over from another gift to compare it to).

They also have other fragrances like a version of BnBW's Cherry Blossom, Coconut Lime Verbena, not in production any longer Gardenia Lilly, and Dancing Waters. The products consisted of body mist, lotion (with a pump and 4 extra ounces), body cream, the previously mentioned shower gel/bubble bath, and probably more I don't remember. They don't have as many product choices as they do at BnBWs (you probably can't get a matching car air freshener or candle) but for the basics in your favorite scent the price is hard to pass up. So for those of you addicts out there, you might want to look to your old wally world the next time you get the urge.

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