Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lynnell Loves Etsy!

Hello and welcome to my first blog post! I am in love with Etsy and for those of you that are not familiar with it, you should be! Etsy is a marketplace for handmade and vintage goods. As a buyer, you can find all sorts of items on there, many of which can be customized. To me, it is like one giant boutique with better than boutique prices on most items. As an artist, you can use it as a place to sell your wares that is an alternative to selling on eBay. It is also a good place to start if you don't have the funds to open your own boutique or you want to try out a product to see if people would be interested. You can find anything from indie designer clothing items, to custom made jewelry, to laptop cases and pet items. I will be creating a regular post showcasing items from Etsy and will sometimes incorporate them in my other posts. So today I want to showcase some cool pottery I found.

First up: a small bowl that can be an alternative to the typical ring bearer pillow at weddings (as a wedding photographer I tend to notice neat wedding ideas). They can be custom ordered with your own special words of love, your wedding date, or your favorite quote. You can also order ones with pre-set sayings like "With this ring" an "to have and to hold." I think it could also be a fun gift to give with any ring (anniversary's, engagement, graduation, promise, etc) or just to store your own rings on.

These little goodies can be found at the Etsy shop Paloma's Nest. Be sure to check out owner Caroline's other items like keepsake bouquet tags and building blocks that can be used for anything from a paperweight to inspirational conversation pieces.

Second: I've always wanted one of these as my hubby thinks it is weird to leave butter out but I hate trying to spread hard butter on a piece of toast. Now not only do I know where to get one but I can get one in one of my favorite colors, Robin's Egg Blue!

These and other functional items for your kitchen can be found at dbabcock's etsy shop.

Third: Every hostess likes to receive a good bottle of wine so why not make it extra special by tying one of these decorative wine stoppers to the bottle? Order a set 4 or more and then you have one on hand for every gift. Or for a wine tasting event, give them as gifts to your guests. I personally like ones that are shorter and flatter so they don't take up as much vertical space in the fridge for white wines.

These doodads can be found at janebesspottery's etsy shop or at (the ones pictured to the left) and at the mudluscious etsy shop (for those pictured on the right).

Fourth: Potters are going green by reducing waste and using "reclaimed" materials. One way to re-use those broken or discarded pieces of pottery is to form them into necklace charms.

The "love" (because my blog name is Lynnell Loves ;o) necklace can be found at infromawalk's etsy shop. The necklace on the right is made form a vintage pot shard and can be found at oceanblueseaglass's etsy shop.

Last: I love things that have a dual pupose and this little pedestal is super cute. It can be used to display small brownies, bon bons, or even hand made soaps in your guest bath. Then flip it over and use it as a vase or small planter.

This gem can be found at misspottery's etsy shop along with other household and jewelry items.
There were just too many cool items to list like mosaic art pieces, decorative bowls and more. Perhaps we'll have to revisit pottery on Etsy in a later post. Anyway, happy hunting!

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