Friday, August 14, 2009

Lynnell Loves JCrew Frances and Flora

JCrew now has it's fall collection online, in stores, and the new catalogue has been released. I have to say I didn't love as many items as I normally do. A couple that I do love are the Frances blouse and the vintage looking Flora jewelry set.

Item numbers from left 19492, 17428 and19493.

I thought it would be fun to create some outfits with these three items. Some of the other pieces I have and some I don't. On the first one, I have sort of a splurge/steal thing going on with the splurge accessories on the left and the steals on the right. The polyvore links are below each one if you'd like to see details.

One thing I like from the previous collection but of course am waiting for a serious markdown on is the Military Jacket. The hubs even likes this one.

Item number 12542

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  1. Cute blog! This reminds me of when we'd cut out pages from the "In Style" magazine and label them "Carrie" or "Lynnell" as it matched our personal style. Too bad I really didn't have much style back then, it would have been way more fun!!